Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Hunt For All Things Pretty Continues

Girl Heaven !!

A Pub
A Cafe
A Gift Store

So continuing on from yesterday's story on the GORGEOUS French themed antique greeting cards I bring you the next stop on our journey through the lovely city of Woolongong, NSW AUSTRALIA.

We were driving along tree lined streets with the hills on one side of us and the ocean on the other. It was so very picturesque !
My sweet friend was only too happy to let me stop when I suggested too. In this case we were driving up a hill through the the quaint suburb of Bulli. 

I was peering out the window and yelled STOP!!!!! when I saw the cutest little gift shop......WE JUST HAD TO STOP ! With a giggle and a smile my friend obligued. We quickly found a park, I slung my camera over my shoulder and I was off like a shot ! It's amazing how quick I can actually move when I want too ! lol

Bulli is known for it's infamous ghost resident at the local pub and it's historic homes.  Story has it, that a former owner of the pub from the turn of the century by the name of Edward Cullen haunts his former home at the pub.. (I know! I know! he shares a very famous name from the Twilight movies !)   
We stopped for a very quick restroom stop at the pub and found the stately old building to be in totally original condition on the inside. Of course the upstairs accomodation had been refurbished but the pub itself had that gorgeous old style pub feel about it. It had the original tiles on the walls, high ceilings and the trusty old pool table in the corner. No suggestion of any modernisation and the patrons were all happily enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon ale. It was quaint, untouched and full of charm. 

After a quick nose around, with no ghost in sight (phew !) we stopped in at the cutest little cafe for a nice cold freshly squeezed juice.  We were sitting these having a chat and I picked my camera up to take a snap of my friend when a horse strolled on past the window !! lol !
Not the sort of thing I see whilst sipping coffees at my local cafe here in the city !  I had to giggle and of course I took a pic !

Time to rest, relax and recharge our batteries with a nice cold freshly squeezed juice in this sweet little cafe.

When who should stroll past !!!

and I know you are all bursting to see the contents of that pretty little gift store.  It won't disappoint ! 
I loved this beautiful chair !!!
oh-so-pretty !!

and why oh why couldn't I just take down the sink off the wall and bring it on home with me ?  The owner said that she could have sold it over and over again.........and you can see why.

Gifts were absolutely everywhere. There were things hanging off the ceiling and in every available space. It was simply bursting at the seams with gorgeousness !  Pinks and greens and french blue treasures lined the walls !

All in all it was a fantastic day out with so many pretty places to see, treasures to find and most importantly the company was fantastic !
Thankyou my sweet little Princess friend who showed me such a lovely day.
Lots of love to you


  1. sounds like you had a lovely time... the chair and cupboard have me intrigued, are they hand painted birds and flowers or fabric?

  2. Hi Christine, that's a good question actually. I was trying to work that out myself. I think they may have been transfers but I can't be 100% sure. I will find out for you. The chair was sooo pretty ! Loved it !
    The cupboard was handpainted

  3. Hi Melanie! What a fun time! Love that shop!

  4. Hi again Christine,
    I have just spoken to the owner of the store and she said that the chair sold today ! It was an old antique chair which had been decopagued