Friday, 9 November 2012

My Obsession With Wooden Dolly Pegs Continues

My obsession with wooden dolly pegs began as a small child sitting under my Grandmothers clothesline.
She would give me a pile of old wooden dolly pegs to play with while she hung her washing out to dry. She would tell me stories of making little dolls in the war time with wooden pegs because money was too scarce to buy real dolls.
My mind would go crazy with possibilities and off I would trot around the garden finding flowers for my new found interest in pegs. Flowers became skirts and leaves became blankets. Matchboxes became their house.
Imagination is a wonderful thing !

So it's no surprise to me these days that I get so excited when I happen across a bunch of pegs all tied up in a pretty little bundle in an antique store.  My heart goes pitter pat and all of a sudden my childhood comes rushing back to me.  Again I find my mind reflecting to the days under my Grandmother's clothesline.

So last weekend when I was sifting through a very cool and interesting antique store ,
I found HEAPS AND HEAPS of wooden dolly pegs.
Yep you guessed it, they all came home with me, boxes and all. There was even an original store bag from the 1930's full of gorgeous old dolly pegs.  Obviously the lady of the house had never used them.  I felt as though she had somehow kept them for me.

These wooden pegs may have humble origins but they will serve a new purpose again very soon.
I have lots of special craft ideas to make with them.
I will be sure to show them to you.
I will be listing some of these treasure in my ETSY store very soon.
Of course I will tell you all when I do list them

My latest peg creation was to wind my antique lace around them.
It really helped to keep my lace in order. You will find my story about this HERE

I had found myself buying new dolly pegs from the craft store after searching the town for more vintage ones and finding none.
When I found this little bounty of OLD DOLLY PEGS I was super chuffed !
I hate buying new ones when there are perfectly good old fashioned old ones already out there in the world.  It's good to tread lightly on this earth of ours when we have such a consumer society.
I always recycle wherever possible.

One of the best things about this haul was the old box that they were packed in.  It was vintage and old and once held a product from KRAFT. I wonder if it may have been Vegemite ?
I'd say that should keep my peg fetish going for some time don't you !

Anyway here are some pretty pics for you to enjoy !
The funniest thing I found in the box was an old torn piece of newspaper. The date wasn't there but very clearly the words
were screaming at me. I giggled to myself thinking that the words were quite true. "What's with' my whole peg obsession !! lol

Rows and rows of little peg soldiers all standing in a row :-)
           Some have even been dressed up in lace and jumped into
                                          my lace bowl.
Very soon, some of the others will be dressed up and look divine and find themselves in my ETSY store. Can't wait to show them to you.  I will be on to that little task over the weekend coming. 

It's Friday afternoon and I am about to pop the kettle on, get out my study notes and start studying again for these exams next week.
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones and I will catch up with you all again next week !
Stay safe



  1. What a find! I think your crowd of dollies is wonderful! I can't wait to see what you do with them! Pretty lace, too!

  2. BRAVO, my friend!

    Whoo hoo!

    What a wonderful awesome treasure you brought home! I LOVE the idea about winding lace around them, talk about brilliant.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed for you and do ing well on your exams.

    Love this pretty post.

    I would say have a wonderful weekend but you are ahead of me and already ARE, I hope!


  3. I have yet to read your whole post,I will.I just have to say Lucky lucky you and the girls look lovely in lace.Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

  4. This was so fun Melanie! As far as obsessions go---this is a good one to have : )

  5. Love the pegs Melanie! And wrapping the lace around them is a great idea; they look lovely! Had to laugh at the news scrap .... ha! It sure does seem to be speaking to you - it was meant to be that you found those!