Friday, 27 May 2011

Love is..... A Friend

Once upon a time there were two young girls. They met at school, shared a close bond and enjoyed each others company. These girls were not only best friends but soul mates who knew each others thoughts and feelings. They instinctively knew if each other were feeling worried or pain. 
These two stuck together through thick and thin and felt as if each other had been created to be life's sounding board. Any problem could be sorted out and there was always an open door to each another's homes.

The friends spent much of their time together giggling. 
 They spent many wonderful hours drinking great coffee in their favorite cafe's and shopping in gorgeous little gift stores.
They would garden together, taking turns to go to each other's homes and always with a smile. 
Distance separated them but a thought always took them straight away into each others heart and mind and comfort would be found.
A love of singing constantly had them in fits of laughter and hairbrushes often turned into microphones. Onlookers would look on in amusement but the friends only saw joy.
Times sometimes got tough but they were always by each others side waiting to lend a hand.

True friends are blessings from the angels. 
To my friend who is more like a sister
I love you 
May life always make you smile, the same as you always make me smile

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  1. Chutneeey, I love you tooo. I really wish you were here this weekend. Vera and I will toast.