Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mothers are Gifts From the Angels

Once upon a time there was a young bride. She enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon with her new husband and they were very much in love.  They set up a little home for themselves and worked very hard. Little did she know ,that the angels in heaven had a little secret. The secret was, that the new bride was a born mother and she would bare three beautiful, healthy children in her life. This would make the young bride very happy, her life's calling had already been determined. 

Not  long after they were married the young bride discovers the good news that a little gift from above was on it's way. The gift appeared in a little package of pink with big brown eyes and an angelic face, she looked like a little doll in a box. The young couple soon discovered that the little angel had a voice and she was not afraid to use it. The bundle of pink would require  long drives in the dark of night to pacify her and  cuddles that seemed neverending to make her sleep .  The angelic face hid a cheeky interior and the wee little bundle of pink had full control of her loving parents.

The bundle of pink was soon joined by a little bundle of blue with bright blue eyes and the same cheeky grin. Now the party really began !  The years ticked on and the little family was very happy. Life was full and fun and the wheels were turning nicely. The young couple decided to add to their brood with another little bundle. Blue eyes and another package of blue love was delivered. The angels were smiling at their final gift and music softly played in heaven. This little family was complete.

The family enojoyed their lives. Their home was full of laughter and love.
Life had been good to them, they had been blessed with God's greatest gift, the gift of children.
They lived happily ever after with full hearts and a spring in their step.

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mum who is  my best friend in the whole entire world, I love you as big as the sky xo

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  1. Am loving reading your postings and pictures. So uplifting and inspiring.