Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Vintage Sewing Pretties

Antique and vintage sewing items are so much fun to collect.  I just love to hit the antique shops and browse to my hearts content buying pretty buttons, gorgeous old laces, pieces of pretty fabrics or doilies to create something stunning.  My favourite finds are always cutoffs from beautiful antique nightdresses. The lacework on these old castaway nightdresses are always so fine and intricate. A beautiful cuff or a sleeve can be cut up and used to trim pretty cushions. Use scraps of antique lace to trim a plain white singlet top for Summer.
Waste nothing and create everything, it's amazing what pretty scraps can be turned into. 
Sew doilies together to create a pretty throw or a plain white pillowcase can be trimmed with pretty lace for a new look.
Don't forget to buy some vintage cottons, often a fraction of the price of a new reel.
I love this display of vintage sewing bric a brac at Ambleside Cottage.

Ambleside Cottage,
 108 Maitland Road Islington,
NSW Australia

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