Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Wings of Angels......

In our life, it is inevitable that we will all lose somebody precious to us. The angels looking down on us just pull a little string and it can all be over in an instant.  Life is the most precious gift we will ever receive and we need to live and love with our whole heart every single day of our life.  We all have dreams of achieving something special in our life so go out and get it, grab it with two hands and run with it.  It is never too late to achieve your wildest dreams.

Once upon a time, I felt quite unhappy with the work I was doing. A co worker seemed to block every piece of good that I tried to achieve and I just didn't want to stay in that situation a minute longer. Not one to make major decisions lightly I surprised myself by throwing my hands in the air and resigning on the spot. Heart beating almost out of my chest I walked home wondering what on Earth I had just done, how would I pay the rent? ,would I get another job quickly ?.  I walked and walked all afternoon thrashing ideas in my head. 

I was walking down a hill towards our home when I just threw it out to the universe and said out loud ,"Push me in the direction where I need to be because I really don't know which way to go!". As true as I am sitting here, a flock of kookaburras  flew across the sky and into the tree I was standing under . They were laughing out their boisturous calling cry and it seemed like it was a sign from the heavens. At that moment I knew that I would be ok.  A week later ,I was happily working in another job and discovered I was expecting our first child.  I was over the moon excited at this wonderful news and knew that it was all meant to be. There is a higher plan for us all. Things really do happen for a reason, life has many twists and turns. Life may not always go the way we expect it to, but we must make the most of it whilst we are still standing here on this earth xo

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  1. A yellow brick road for all of us. Thank