Monday, 6 June 2011

Prue Trollope's Divine Store

So......after a fantastic weekend away searching  for all things French Blue and Peachy Pink, I bring you some absolutely divine pretties to share over my future posts.  I am sure you will all be oooing and aaahing as much as I was when I found them!   My first story goes a little like this.....

Once upon a time there was a beautiful store, it was a special place I loved to visit (maybe too often).
It was full to the brim of the most beautiful linens and laces you had ever seen.  From the minute you walked into the store, beautiful things jumped out at you. There was the sweetest fragrance of rose and Gardenia in the air and raspberry painted walls showed up the crisp, white perfect linens that were on display. 
There were walls full of perfectly starched antique linens, handmade marcella cushions trimmed with the prettiest red and white ginghams, toille quilts, bowls of wonderfully perfumed soap and the sweetest little baby's section where I bought pretties for my own babies.   There was never a time where I would visit and not walk out with a purchase.

Two of the sweetest women owned this amazing store and their warm presence made the visit all the more lovely. They would fuss over my babies and always make time for a chat. They would carefully wrap each purchase as if they were wrapping a gift and a scattering of sweet smelling rose pot pourri would be within the layers of tissue. 

After a time, I moved to a place far away and I could not visit anymore. I would send money to these beautiful ladies and tell them to choose me something special and send it to me.  I would wait longingly for my parcel to arrive to see what they had selected for me.  It was of course always something I would love and I would happily find the perfect place for it in my home.

Sadly, the store closed it's doors and the women moved on to other things and I lost touch. I always thought about them and wondered how they were doing and wondered if one day I would ever see them again.
Many,many years later it was my birthday and my dearest friend bought me a gorgeous gift. It was a mossy, green, resin rabbit and a gorgeous gardening set.  It was deliciously packed into a beautiful pink reusable bag which had the trademark print of the owners own design on the side. I HAD to visit this store and begged her to take me.

Low and behold the gorgeous owner Prue Trollope was the daughter of one of the owners of the store that I had adored for all of those years.  I was so excited and couldn't believe my luck when Prue's Mum happened to be in the store visiting that day and I had the chance to meet up with her again.
Precious memories were reignited and we caught up on all of the years gone past.

The wonderful thing about this story is that it has such a happy ending........

Now I get to create new memories in another perfectly inspiring store which gives off the same happy glow as my old favorite. Prue is just as lovely as her beautiful Mum but has her own look. She stocks a blend of new, antique and vintage.
It is a pleasure to walk through the doors of her store and again I find myself leaving with a smile on my face.
I visit when ever I can and again  I find myself unable to leave without something pretty to take home.

I hope you will enjoy looking at the pretty things in Prue's 'oh so pretty'  store.
View Prue's online store or visit her store for yourself in Balmain, NSW Australia.

I love this VINTAGE 3 FOLD FLORAL SCREEN.  It looks absolutely stunning in this display. It would be the perfect addition to a bedroom, sitting room or even bathroom. It's Shabby Chic white washed timber frame sets the fresh floral print out. Create a new look to a plain timber bed with a lick of pretty green paint as pictured and it will breathe new life into a bedroom without having to purchase a new bed. Teamed with starched white glorious linen and pretty scatter cushions who wouldn't want to hop into bed for an early night.

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