Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Antique Shabby Chic Light Switch Plates

These porcelain Switch plates are just so pretty.  They are just the right shade of French Blue and Peachy Pink.  I don't have quite enough to do every room but I just couldn't resist them !   Now I just have to  con husband into replacing current light switches to vintage style so I can fit them.........   (I was never going to be a cheap option when he married me ! )


  1. Love these! Rare to find the double switch ones. love the comment about being valuable..(you).

    1. Hi ! Thanks for your comment ! I don't know a whole lot about these antique switch plates but I do know that I love these ones. I have often wondered about reselling them as I haven't ended up using them on our current home. I do know that they came out of an old Victorian home and when I saw them I paid a lot of money to have them. Thanks for the information on them being rare because they are double switch. That's good to know.