Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Chatter On The Telephone.....French Blue Style

Chatter on the telephone......A girl's best friend !

 My nearest and dearest friends seem to live far away from me. I wish it was not the case but unfortunately it is, so we make the most of it with phone dates.  I shudder when I see the posty arriving with our phone bill.....BUT.....we  always justify big bills by telling each other that we would spend more if we did live nearbye. Shopping trips and eating out would cost so much more than just the phone bill. We think we are still out in front ........well that's our excuse and we are sticking to it !  haha

I spotted these telephones at  The Coliseum Antique Centre on the weekend. Although they are vintage phones I am sure I would give them a good old fashioned testing to see if they still worked !
I remember having a phone just like this pretty blue one when I was a little girl. It kind of scared me to think they were now being sold at an Antique centre....surely I am not that old ?

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