Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Story about An Angel...

Have you ever tried to write something but no matter how you say it ,it will just never be quite right, The feeling behind the words just can't be expressed. The delete button is pushed and then pushed again and  then some more. Well that's what I am sitting here doing right about now.  The words are just not coming out right so I shall just go with my heart.

Once upon a time there was a young woman.  She was kind and compassionate and was admired by many. She had beautiful warm eyes and the goodness behind them flowed on into her pretty face.

jump back to the 1970's where my heart is now taking me..........

The three young cousins were leaning over a large stormwater drain which was situated next to their Grandparents house. They had just finished their iceblocks....the day was warm and the end of the day was approaching.
Their family had gathered at their Grandparents home for their regular weekly meal together. The family was a large one, there were many mouths to feed. The Grandmother would stand happily at the kitchen stove and cook for her large brood. She loved it when they all gathered together. It made her feel so very happy that they were all in her little nest and  all having a great time  There were quite a lot of grandchildren , they were all various ages but three of the youngest girls shared a close bond and  played together quite a lot. They played with their dolls and played make believe games and did all other things that little girls do.  
Their favourite game was to race their iceblock sticks down the drain. They would all count backwards from ten and drop their sticks at the exact time and watch the little sticks float down in the water. The winner was always quite happy with herself and boasted about how clever she was.

Well the girls all eventually grew up.......highschool years came and went and catch up's became few and far between. They would eventually only come to see each other a few times a year. Still though, they all were happy to catch up and share tales of their busy lives.
Two of the cousins had made a pact to be at each others weddings. Their families were large and to invite everybody was quite difficult. They both followed through on their promise to one another and witnessed each other's special day.
They shared a champagne and a giggle at memories from their past. The good times were always well etched in their memories. Their souls had been well connected at a very early age. Too much had been shared and they were of the same blood. These were things to be cherished.

Years drifted on.....the two cousins went on to have families of their own. They were both born mothers and the love they had for their families was obvious.

One sad day one of the cousins recieved a  phone call. It was late in the afternoon and the news would pierce at her heart with despair. There was news that her dear cousin had crossed to the other side. The angels had called her home. Her work here on the earth had been done.

That was three years ago now....the memories are all still there. The tears surface from time to time but the cherished memories of the iceblock stick races and playing dolls is still as clear as if it were yesterday. The cousin is remembered in happiness not tears. Life that has been lost is not to be should be enjoyed. Memories are experiences that we carry inside our hearts. They are always in there and if we dig into those memories and close our eyes we can be immediately be taken back to those times that make us still smile today.
The cousin is no longer  walking here on the earth, but do you know what ?....she walks beside me in the rain and all of the other times that life gets tough. An angel left the earth but she now resides in our heavens. She drinks tea with our truly divine Grandmother with the crystal blue eyes, she is the one who tells us not to cross the road when it's not safe. She is the one who sends feathers from the sky to wish us well and she is the one who lays down beside you when you are called home to heaven yourself.


in loving memory of Gemma Elizabeth Cant

Post Natal Depression claims many lives. New Mum's need much love and support. They need to be shown love and they need to be told how beautiful they are. Reach out to new mum's and offer them support. Bake them a meal, fold their washing or be there to talk. Motherhood can be a very lonely place. If you know a Mum who is experiencing troubled signs please seek help with a doctor.

Rest in Peace Gem xo


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