Sunday, 24 July 2011

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Once upon a time.......French Blue and Peachy Pink had heart flutters when she discovered this totally gorgeous hand painted Victorian Era painting.
Somebody a very long time ago had a vision of something oh so pretty in her head. She set up her eisel, mixed up her FRENCH BLUE paints and let her heart and mind run wild.
She carefully sketched up her plan , drew up the letters and then began her creation.

I am so grateful that I found this beautiful piece.  It is so beautiful aged and rustic. The artist created something pretty for her home to hang above the mantlepiece or in the entry to her home. Her creative spirit soared and I can imagine that hanging her own work in her home made her feel quite proud of herself.

I LOVE that antiques give your home it's very own unique look. If you are very fortunate sometimes one can pick up little treasures such as this one that are one off pieces.
Brand new store bought pretties are still gorgeous but mixing old and new can give you your very own look which can't be duplicated.
The fun that I experience while looking through antique shops is amazing. Sometimes my basket comes out  empty whilst other days it is full to the brim.
The fun is the thrill of the chase. I meet many wonderful sellers who are so passionate about their wares and I learn so much about history there.
As a matter of fact I am doing just that today........I wonder what todays find will be !
Have a beautiful day everyone
and thankyou for visiting

French Blue and Peachy Pink

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