Wednesday, 20 July 2011

More Antique Greeting Cards and My Wonderful Albums

Once upon a time whilst I was wandering through a beautiful antique store........I spotted this gorgeous Victorian period photograph album.  It was lying on top of a beautiful pile of lace tablecloths and it was mine from the moment I laid eyes on it. It's worn and withered pages spoke volumes as I turned each page.
The once owner had lovingly collected greeting cards from her precious family members and encased them in this beautiful album. There were little palm cards collected from Sunday school class and the sweetest maiden hair fern cutting that obviously meant something to it's owner. Tucked underneath a card I found a tiny violet flower......perhaps a love token from an admirer or from a cherished garden.
The history in this album is so precious, I so love looking through it's pages.
Sadly somebody had removed all but one photo from it's pages. The one remaining photo shows a well dressed lady in a spectacularly trimmed Sunday hat. She looks very well-to-do and has the obligatory no smile on her face  which was characteristic from the Victorian era..
I often wonder if this lady was the owner of the mind boggles as to why anyone would cast off such a treasured heirloom this way.
I wonder what life was like for this lady. Did she bare children ? did she marry ? did she love to potter in her pretty garden amongst a bed of sweet smelling violets ?
I so wish more photo's had been left for me to dream over. I love the fashion of the Victorian era. I adore the long floating dresses with layers of flouncy petticoats and dainty lace gloves. I wish we still wore gorgeous hats whilst shopping in town for the day. The women took great care to go out feeling  beauiful. A dob of perfume behind the ear was such a special thing, not a given as we experience today.Times were tough for many, but life was appreciated.
If children were good then they were treated to an 'All Day Sucker' on a Sunday after church. These days a whole bag  full can be purchased and munched on for a snack. The simple things in life often pass by without a glance. 

 I take stock often on my lot in life.  I truly appreciate the goodness that life has given me. Sure times get tough from time to time but there is always love and laughter and I am incredibly blessed with a beautiful supportive family who are a constant for me. 
It really is true...the simple things in life are often the best

This was the only photograph that was left in the album when I purchased it....This lady's sad face almost haunts me, I wonder what her story is. Life was so hard in Victorian times.

Isn't this just the sweetest card ?  Look at her gorgeous little white boots and pretty bonnet....

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