Saturday, 30 July 2011

Shabby Chic Business Cards

French Blue and Peachy Pink wanted to make her own pretty business cards. 
I have always designed my own business cards and had them professionally printed. It is quick and easy and the end result is no fuss. 
Sometimes though I do make my own to handout personally. It's the small personal touches that make all the difference sometimes.

For my business cards I chose,

An assortment of all things french blue and peachy pink. I visited my local craft store and bought just the right shades of ribbon and teensy paper flowers. It was all quite inexpensive to buy, dollar stores have quite a great collection of trims etc.
All of my oval shaped cards were precut and store bought. I simply hot glue gunned a small piece of paper on top of the card, added my chosen ribbon and glued on the flower. I wrote my details on the front of the card with a fine tip brown antiquing pen, (I always find that brown is a lovely neutral colour to work with as black can look quite harsh against soft ,muted colours) 
I then gave each card a light spray with a great product called Glimmer Mist. Glimmer Mist is a very light glitter spray which softly adds just a soft glimmer of sparkle. I use it in scrapbooking and a special signature spray inside birthday cards. I found Glimmer Mist at She has such pretty things in her online store.
Lastly I used tiny adhesive magnets to pop onto the back of the card.
These little cards are too pretty to throw away. A magnet offers the reciever of the card the opportunity to stick the card on to their fridge or magnetic message board.

So in a few easy steps I had created  little cards with my own signature pink and blue touch.
Simple, Easy and Very Pretty

A hot glue gun, glue sticks, brown antiquing pen and Glimmermist glitter spray
were my tools of choice. A must for any craft cupboard.