Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Playing In The Garden

I can smell Spring coming......
The birds are singing earlier in the mornings and the sweet smelling Jasmine outside my bedroom window is bursting into bloom.  I love it's delicious fragrance !  This is my favourire time of the year, I am tempted to go back into my favourite living garden !  My poor old garden is always neglected over the cold Winter months. A cottage garden can look somewhat depressing when herbs and plants lie dormant waiting for the warmer weather to come.  Weeds quickly creep in and roses turn woody and gnarly.
With the hint of warmth and sunshine popping it's head out of the clouds I rolled up my sleeves and began to prune, pull weeds and dig up the compost heap.
These are a few touches of colour I managed to find......

I just love Kale, it's pretty tones of green, purples and whites are gorgeous both in a pot or a border alongside a hedge.

A late Winter rose that emerged deep within my Camelia bush.
A little gift from the fairies in my garden who tend the roses
Thankyou fairies xo

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