Friday, 30 September 2011

Oh How I Have Missed You.....

Hello Friends,
After what  seems like an eternity I am feeling a lot better. My health is improving and I am bursting at the seams with stories and pretty pictures to share. I am going to dust my camera off and chase all things beautiful.
After hours on end lying in bed trying to re cooperate, my creative spirit longs to create and tell it's story.

I would truly like to thank my many wonderful friends and family members who have helped to look after my children and cooked countless meals for us all.  I am such a lucky girl to have been blessed with so much love and care.
I especially would like to thank my beautiful Mum who is always there by my side with a smile and nothing is every a problem for her. She is my hero and my best friend. I love you Mum xo

Looking forward to sharing tea and tales with you all once again.

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