Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Birthday Breakfast

Welcome to a very special event.....
It is the celebration of a life of a special friend of mine. She is a wonderful human being who has the gift of love for animals. She offers her time to help dogs in need of rescue. She offers them a home, a meal and a warm doggy bed to sleep in. She then helps to find these beautiful dogs a home. Her and her husband and their two very handsome boys are so passionate about their animals and it is a joy to watch them love them so tenderly.
So when my lovely friend's birthday arrived I organised a special breakfast for her.

Enjoy the pictures of our special morning !

I love these pretty pale pink and white paper lanterns. I found the sweetest party store in a beautiful leafy suburb of Sydney called "Love To Celebrate". I will be back there again shortly to purchase some more pretty party bits and pieces.

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, I like to bring the inside, outdoors !!
I don't reserve the crystal for special posh dinner parties, I like to use it and enjoy it whenever I can.  My precious Victorian dinner set comes out in all of it's glory and my sweet French drinking glasses too. Why have beautiful things if they are locked away behind glass. I live for today and enjoy what it has to offer at the time.
I hung some gorgeous vintage curtain drops from the eaves of my entertaining area and layered lace tablecloths absolutely everywhere. I drape lace wherever I see fit. I love throwing lace throws over the back of chairs and even hang them in windows as curtains. Be creative and create your own look.

I spotted these gorgeous roses at a sidewalk fruit market. They were a steal at $5 a bunch and were tight little buds when I bought them. I didn't think they would last, but 5 days later they are still happily blooming away.  They were my inspiration for the multicoloured color scheme for my table. Spring represents brilliant colour and all colours should be celebrated at this divine time of the year.

and a birthday breakfast must always have beautiful big platters of seasonal fruit.....and the strawberries were heaven sent...yummy !

and a birthday breakfast wouldn't be the same without wishing the birthday girl a very
           HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
May all of your dreams come true my sweet friend

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