Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Every Girl Loves A Tea Party......FREE HIGH TEA GIVEAWAY

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Ruby.....
She was strolling down a quiet, sunny street admiring the pretty gardens.  When what should see but a charming terrace house with a cobblestone path and a rambling cottage garden. 
She was an inquisitive girl by nature and she just HAD to peek through the front gate......AND THIS IS WHAT SHE SAW !

Ruby gasped in delight !
Teeny little butterfly cakes and old fashioned mushroom cream filled cakes lay out on a delicate table setting. Pretty pink, floral bone china and silverware, a posie of roses and lavender in a vase and strings of pearls draped amongst it all. 'Oh My....How Pretty,' she thought

one by one
more and more and more....

Ruby hid silently behind a pretty little white painted window.  She knew she shouldn't be there but she couldn't possibly leave now.......her mouth was watering and she was simply bursting to try one of those little cream filled mushroom cakes, they were her very favourite !

So Silently she crept up to the table
and when no one was looking ......the feast began !

There were pretty teacups with a delectable soup inside.  She wished she knew what lovely ingredients were in this soup because it was delicious.  It was made with special ingredients and the lady of the house would never reveal her secret.

There were pretty little chairs and the sweetest little tea house nestled within the garden for guests to sit in and enjoy their fare.
The young woman would be happy to spend the rest of her days here eating cake a sipping the exquisite rose tea they served in the prettiest pale pink tea cups.
The rose tea was a new addition to this wonderful place and had been sourced in a secret location and was offered as a special delicacy for  many happy ladies who visited. The scent of the roses whilst the tea was drawing was soooo beautiful........mmmmmmm she thought, this is heaven on Earth !

is located in Newcastle, NSW Australia

Please visit and see for yourself just how beautiful it really is......don't be cheeky like Ruby was and just sneak in the gate !



High Tea For Two at FERNWOOD HIGH TEA is the prize !

All you need to do is tell me your very favourite high tea delicacy.....whether it be cakes, sandwiches or fine black tea.

The winner will be announced on Monday
(Due to travel constraints the competition will only be open to residents of the Newcastle-Sydney and surrounding areas for obvious reasons)

Good Luck !


  1. This is my first visit to your charming blog, and the word that comes to mind is breathtaking. Such lovely pictures and models and wonderful stories to tell. I too dream of being born in gentler times . . . but since we are here now, we can all just try to incorporate some of the beauty into our everyday lives. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your story touched me, and I feel we are kindred spirits. I am trying to figure out how to follow your blog so I don't miss another post . . .
    Love, love, love the stories and pictures of the show put on by your brother and his friends. To really understand genuine joy one must gaze upon the smiles on these faces. When my father was alive he was involved with one of the yearly Special Olympics events here in the United States, and he said the joy these kids felt and gave to him was priceless. Your brother is a shining star! I felt very proud of him just seeing the pictures! I'm so very happy to meet you! P.S. I guess I won't enter into the high tea giveaway for obvious reasons . . . but good luck to all!

  2. Hi Julie,
    I too was touched by your story and it really hit home for me. I agree with you though in what you had said about those lonely children in the playground. I occassionaly work at a school and I make it my business to find the lonely ones and find them a friend. Funnily enough though the next time I visit they are always back on their own. Maybe we choose to be the loners. Sometimes it's easier then getting caught up in other peoples dramas. I still prefer solitude to this day. You can find my blog on facebook under the same name and I post each day to it. 'Follow Me' on the blog though as I will be having more giveaways before Christmas and you may win something gorgeous. It is lovely to meet a sweet blog friend and I'm glad our paths have crossed on such a deep level from your beautiful story. I was thinking of doing a swap with somebody and make something pretty and running a story on it. Maybe you might like to do it with me ? xo

  3. Hi Mel. My mam tried to comment on your blog and wrote a story about her favorite cucumber sandwiches, with thinly sliced white bread, with thickly spread butter, cut into be exact! Does this story sound familiar, as she can't find her comment, and thinks she has messed up!
    P.s sod the savoury sandwiches I say, and bring on the cakes......maria's Greek nest baskets if your asking!

  4. I walked my first child in her pram past this beautiful oasis more than a decade ago and dreamt of a future happy, sunny afternoon tasting the many delights. Now several house moves and children later - I am still dreaming of that sunny, peaceful and delicious afternoon. Yumm! My favourite high tea treat would have to be the mini cakes - butterfly and iced (all of them - I am not choosy). Looks just divine. Leanne Wood.