Monday, 21 November 2011

Time Stands Still.....The Period of Uncertainty

I find myself in that really strange place.  You know the one I'm talking about.
It's that place in your life that seems foggy, cloudy, uncertain and you have that feeling of 'Oh please let me make the right decision here'.
It is that period of time where you feel like you are teeter tottering on the edge of a weak, thin branch of a tree.  One part of you wants to jump off and hope that you fall in a soft spongy landing place and the other part wants to climb like crazy back to the trunk of the tree because it seems like the safest place and you know it better than the other option.

One door closes and another one opens is something that I truly believe in BUT the question I have right now is, "How do I know if it's time to open that door".......hmmmmmm  confusion !
Sometimes the answer is so darned simple to see from an outsider and yet so unbelievably hard when you are in the midst of it all.

I guess it's a time of faith that things will somehow work out in the wash. But it's a situation that has resulted in butterflies in my stomach. The butterflies are not so much floating around delicately as they normally do. My butterflies have a soccer ball in my stomach and are having a good old fashioned game of soccer in there ! lol
One person's set of eye's see things in a totally different way. My eye's see a different story with more insight into the truth.  I guess there are no simple answers but my oh my..... a magical fairy wand would come in very handy at the moment. One wave of the magic wand would ideally make everything better again. Alas there is no magical fairy who can do this for me.
I think we as the human race need to reignite the capacity to understand the other side of the picture.  Every single person has their own set of needs and wants and who are we too judge the requirements of others. What suits one person may not necessarily suit the person sitting next to him.
Life throws curve balls sometimes and when it does, it's nice to think that there is a helping hand and a compassionate heart to be there to hold the guiding light.  A guiding light  who will not be judging or trying to make the person into someone other than who they really are.
Each person on this earth has great ability to discover and achieve great things. It is not for us to squash the light in somebody else's eyes and to put a square peg into a round hole.
If we were all the same then the world would be a boring old place wouldn't it ?

Instead we all need to embrace each other and support our differences. A hand outstretched in friendship will win over one that is thrown forth with a closed fist. 
Love duly conquers all and positivity will always encourage goodness from others. Negativity always......ALWAYS brings back the same in return.
Encourage the goodness in others.......coax it out.......tempt it out of it's box.  When the goodness comes out, welcome it with a smile and a warm greeting and then you will find the positive outcome that you desire.



  1. Unfortunately the world works for the majority not the minority. For example they told me baby No. 4 would have down syndrome based on my test results - turned out I am just wierd and do not fit the 'norm' (I later found out my results for baby No. 3 were similar and she was born without consequence - just like baby No. 4. In fact my results for baby No. 3 said I shouldn't even be pregnant!). We all do not fit neatly into the 60% of the bellcurve that doctors and teachers and many others want us to because it is easier (for them) that way. The trick is to acknowledge whatever the difference, or problem is and then address it appropriately. Not always easy but it is possible. I know that things (and you) will be fine. Take a deep breath and take that step - in the direction that seems to be the best option available and if it isn't then you can always try going the other way. Go with your gut (and your heart of course) and things will work out just fine. The hard part is being open to other's suggestions even if you don;t like what they are saying (you don;t have to agree - just listen). These things are sent to try us and will make us stronger (and cause us to drink more alcohol!). Lots of love. Stargazerm42 xxx

  2. Mel, I'm intrigued.
    I Hope that The magic fairies come and wave their decision making dust over you while you sleep, and that in the morning everything will be clear.
    Thinking of you, and whatever you decide
    p.s I think that you will be right!

  3. Stargazer and Kate.....My dear friends, hearing your words was like a warm embrace. Thankyou so much and lots of love to both of you xx