Friday, 2 December 2011

An Australian Christmas Breakfast

Christmas in Australia is generally very hot.

There is no snow and rugging up in front of the fire.
Instead we head to the beach and make the most of our amazingly, stunning climate.
Traditionalists such as myself will insist on a hot baked lunch of turkey, roast pork, apple sauce and delicious,mouthwatering slow baked vegetables.
Others prefer a seafood lunch of lobster, prawns, crabs and salads.
Cold salads and delicious baked hams grace the tables of others.

With such huge meals on offer for lunch or dinner our family always eats a light breakfast.

The children are generally too busy playing with their gifts to be bothered about eating (or if the truth be known they are secretly eating chocolate from their stockings !)

Fresh fruit platters, croissants with either jam or ham and cheese lightly toasted in the oven.....yummy !
Freshly made banana smoothies or ice cold glasses of juice cool us down and prepare us for our busy day ahead.

I prefer my table settings at Christmas to be with white bone china, my best silver cutlery service and plain glassware.  The beautiful raspberry colours of Christmas shine through with a neutral tone to work with. A bright display of Holly on the table or in bunches in vases is a must. Everything is so cheery and bright.

Wire basket and Holly sprigs were sourced at 'A Touch Of Tuscany'
See their online store  for details.

You all know how much I LOVE ETCHED GLASS !  These beautiful French imported glasses are nothing short of beautiful. They are exclusive to 'A Touch Of Tuscany'  and come in a range of patterns.  See their website for more details
Etched pedestal bowl also sourced at 'A Touch Of Tuscany'. 
I couldn't resist the oh-so-pretty vintage inspired serviettes.....they had to come home as well ! 
I will be having a free giveaway soon and one of these packs of serviettes will be in the giveaway.
Stay tuned to French Blue and Peachy Pink for details........xo


  1. How absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! the setting is amazing and the fresh fruit compote is making my mouth water (alas it is winter here and my favorite things in the world are not in EVERYTHING including melon...oh to have a piece of the melon in the picture would be to die for!!!! i am a complete vegetarian so in the winter months i go on a tomato craving -- nothing matches the fresh grown tomatoes in the spring and summer! you surely have a flair for "STYLE" thank you for sharing this delightful display -- i LOVE IT!!!! i thought i had posted that i had LOVED your wreaths from the post below! i think i am loosing track of time and space : ) LOL!!! LOVE elegant and beautiful! i wish you and yours a fabulous and wonderful upcoming week and have some of that beautiful fruit and slowly roasted veggies for me ok!!!! (mouth is literally watering now! back to my morning cup of coffee and blogging : ) LOL!!!
    enjoy! hugs...see you soon : )

  2. Andrea....If I could, then I would pack you a little care parcel in the mail but it would be mouldy and a pile of squish by the time it got to you. Instead use the photo's as eye candy ! lol
    By the way google has changed a little and since then I seem to be able to comment on your posts now. It has made life a whole lot easier. and for what it's worth I think a white Christmas would be simply amazing ! I love the beach and Summer but it gets a little too hot here in the Summer and a bit of freezing cold would be fantastic sometimes xo