Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Vintage Inspired Cushions....Crinoline Lady

Do you like them ?
Aren't they pretty !

A few days before Christmas a lovely friend of mine called up and asked if I was still sewing and if so what stock did I have available.
It had been a while since I had pulled my sewing machine out and whipped up anything.  After years of sewing up my original vintage inspired designs I had felt that I needed a break from it all.
I had sewn up a few things every now and again but just hadn't really been inspired to create anything much at all in the way of cushions.

This lovely friend of mine holds my same passion for the colour blue and wanted this to be the colour for the cushions she wanted to give as a gift. 

SO out came my never ending piles of trims, doilies and vintage lace and my spirit went crazy.  I stayed up late that night because I just couldn't rest until it was all done.  I loved what I had made and hoped that she would too.

The next day she arrived to take a look at what I had made and her original plan to buy something for her friend went out the window. 
She decided that these pretty cushions would indeed be making their new home on her own sofa.   I had to giggle !  She was thrilled to bits with them and all of a sudden I realised why I loved to sew.  It was the admiration and gratefulness that came back to me in bucket loads when I saw my hard work making somebody smile.

I shared some of my prettiest pieces with her. I had been saving up the crinoline ladies doily to make myself something special but knew that it would look perfect with the blue gingham ruffle that I made.

The thing that I love the best about using vintage and antique fabrics is often their imperfections.  They rarely come without a tiny moth nibble or an age stain. These imperfections are easily disguised by stitching pretty buttons or lace trims etc over the top.  Nothing is wasted and I love the fact that  old fabrics have new life breathed into them.


  1. hi there my friend! how are you : ) i just want you to know that i am trying to leave comments but i am having a hard time getting your pictures uploaded -- i don't know WHY this is happening -- it is only on a few sites and why oh why does it have to be on yours! i so want to see these pretties!!!! just know that i am trying and thinking of you! sending tons of hugs...

  2. Hello Andrea ! I thought you had been quiet of late. I think the problem is Google to be quite honest. They seem to be changing everything at the moment and I am not liking it all that much to be honest. It takes forever to upload photo's and to be quite honest I almost didn't post this post at all today. I'm seriously considering getting rid of the blogger setup and using another server.
    I know you are thinking of me, don't worry at all honey. Sending you and Basil a big hug x