Monday, 20 February 2012

A Weeks Worth of Tales To Tell and Pretties To Share......

Washing up would never be a drag again in this pretty little sink !

On the weekend I embarked on an adventure to a faraway place to visit a friend.  
On Saturday morning after a yummy, yummy breakfast my friend offered to take me antique shopping. I was so excited to be discovering new little stores and wondered what treasures I would find.  OH MY GOODNESS !  I found the most prettiest antique greeting cards ever !  I will be sharing them with you all this week. They are simply stunning and I cannot stop looking at them. They are French and floral and oh-so-pretty. I couldn't believe my luck in finding them !

We wove our way up the coastline, stopping in at a few little coastal community antique stores and little coffee shops. We visited an old pub which is said to be haunted, we drank freshly squeezed juice in the cutest little cafe and listened to stories from the local antique dealers.

We found a great 50's inspired store which was jam packed with 50's pretties. There were fashions, gloves, purses, kitchen paraphenalia and pretty little cake toppers.

I hung out of the car window with my camera taking pics of whatever took my fancy as we drove along.

it was an amazing weekend and I got to spend some girly time with my dear friend. She is one of those forever friends who you know will be with you until forever. One of those types that has you giggling at the drop of a hat, one who listens when required and one who will hold your hand when times get tough.  She is a bit of a Princess but that just adds to her charm. She makes me smile and I treasure her friendship.  I just wish that she didn't live so far away.

We saw so many great things and I want to share them all with you. SO THIS WEEK ON FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK, I will share my journey with you all.  There will be antiques, there will be animals, there will be new stores to indroduced and there will be tales to tell.

There is this gorgeous store with the prettiest gifts you will ever find. This is where I found this cute little sink (Isn't it gorgeous!).  You will just love the goodies that I found there !

                            There will be animals to meet !!

                                  There are sights to see !

                                      Food to be eaten

                              and an old haunted pub to be visited

                           and I cannot forget the 50's store !

I had such a great weekend.  I stepped outside the square, I pushed through my own personal boundaries and fears and I came back smiling !  SO enjoy the ride with me this week, come travel with me and I will show you all a virtual good time !

              SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW !!


  1. It looks like you had a fun weekend. OMG love that sink, so gorgeous.

  2. Sounds like my kind of weekend :o) Looking forward to seeing your pictures x