Friday, 2 March 2012

Cabbage and Roses.....A Conclusion To Thursday Flowers

Cabbage and roses are such unlikely friends.....
but I guess that is what makes the world turn around.  The bestest of friends can be brought together in the most unlikely of places.
In this case I bring you Cabbage and Roses !

The thing that I love about flowers is that they can be married up to such unlikely things.  There is nothing prettier to me than a bunch of pretty pink roses.  I grow one variety of 'Seduction Roses' against my front fence against an old rusty piece of ironwork off an old discarded fencepost.  The combination of rusty against the blooms is stunning.  Old ugly rust seems to thrive against the freshness of the ever changing face of a rose.

Yesterday 'Thursday Flowers' had me selecting pretty pink roses from the florist,   combining discarded cabbage leaves from the green grocer and dragging my ever so humble 'Old Man Whiskers' from my trusty old lemon tree in our garden.  These pretties plus some antique lace pieces and a clear glass jar from my kitchen created a stunning display. Better still it only cost me $15, a fraction of the cost of buying an arrangement at the florist. 

Above; Cabbage leaves from the green grocer. They weren't in the best of shape but they were camouflaged well when it all came together.
Above; Comfrey leaves from my garden gave a little bit of extra definition around the edge of the bowl.

I washed the cabbage leaves free of garden soil and placed them face up all the way around of my glass bowl.  I placed one smaller leaf at the bottom of the bowl to complete the look of a cocoon effect. I placed the long comfrey leaves around on top of the cabbage leaves. The comfrey leaves were a deeper shade then the pale green/grey of the cabbage leaves so the contrast was interesting to the eye.


I placed the roses, all freshly cut to length in and around the bowl. I wanted them to look all loose and free and wild looking. Imperfection meets beauty..... 


I tucked my large bushy bundle of 'Old Mans Whiskers' around in between the space between the roses and the leaves.  It pushed the roses into the heart shape that I desired. I adore grey foliage and in this case I think it looks beautiful.


I tucked some pretty antique lace pieces in and around my display (as pictured on first 2 photo's shown)


and best of all, I created something oh-so-pretty that I can enjoy all weekend long !


I will be having another GIVEAWAY !!!

It will be vintage inspired, very pretty and open to all friends all around the globe

So  I will look forward to seeing you all then with all of the details and lots more lovelies to share with you all.
It is raining, wet and miserable here and I am looking forward to a date with a good book and my blanket and if the kids will let me.....a sleep in ! (well I am allowed to dream ! lol)

So enjoy your weekends !



  1. Melanie, looks like you have been having fun arranging your beautiful flowers. Stunning!


  2. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW who knew????? cabbage leaves -- it is gorgeous! outstanding! beautiful! amazing in fact -- i am swooning over these gorgeous beauties!!!! oh you are having so much fun!!! i can tell! i can't wait to see the next adventure and the next and the next!!!! i am so happy for you my friend!!!! sending you and yours a huge hug!!!!

  3. Melanie,

    Absolutely, positively stunning. What a beautiful vignette. The roses are fresh and lovely. I can smell them from here. You were quite creative I must say and the display turned out so pretty. Thank you for sharing such a great idea.

    HPS, xo Cathy

  4. Awsome arrangement you created for your home. How lovely the roses look against the "Old Mans Wiskers" and the cabbage leaves. A very lovely touch with the photo.