Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday Flowers

My new found vintage collection of flower frogs finds me digging into the deepest, darkest and dirtiest boxes in the antique stores......
They seem to be very few and far between and many dealers are telling me that they are getting harder to come by. 
Metal flower frogs are such ugly little creatures but there is something raw and metallic about them that looks so good against my lace doilies (yes I think I may have gone crazy ! lol)

They are used in the bottom of a vase to help flower stems  stay in position. They are a very old fashioned item and something that I bet lots of you remembering your Grandmothers using

So my very small collection makes it's appearance this week for Thursday Flowers ! 
I am also sharing with you all last weeks offering from my Floristry course.

and I wanted to share my favourite rose bowl with you. 
It's of course an heirloom and a favourite of mine.

They aren't my favourite flowers (no sign of pink at all !) but my arrangement gave me a new respect for some of our native Australian flowers.
(Apologies for poor quality photo's but due to time restraints whilst working in class they can only be taken on my phone camera)

and this is the very blury finished product !

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