Friday, 27 April 2012

My Extreme Crystal Obsession

Twenty two years ago I was handed my first piece of crystal.
My elderly Aunt gave it to me with a huge smile on her face.

Any other young 18 year old girl would more than likely curled her nose up and shirked at the gift. Me......I fell in love !

Crystal was one of my first early decorating loves. Both of my dear Grandmothers had a crystal dressing table set and as a child I would touch the pretty cut glass in awe of the little rainbows that shot out of it when the sun fell on it.
In my little mind I would sit and wait for fairies and other magical creatures to step out of the glass world that must surely live there.

So when my old Aunty handed me this beautiful big cut crystal vase I was as happy as a little piggy in mud !
When she saw how delighted I was, she went about her house gathering other pretty pieces of crystal for me. Tiny little bud vases, a rose bowl complete with the flower frog and my most favourite of all......a crystal clock !  It had ceased to work many, many years ago, it's hands were still and quiet....not a peep came out of it. I didn't care a bit, I adored that clock. I still have it today !  It moves from room to room as I fancy, keeping absolutely no time what-so-ever but I love it anyway !

Each season I pull out all of my crystal and give it all a nice warm bubble bath in the sink.  It is a massive job, but a necessity to keep it dust free and looking as glamorous as it should be. 
I decided to put it all in one big arrangement and could not believe the amount that I had accumulated over the years ! Oh my goodness !!!
It actually all wouldn't fit and I had to pop lots of it away in the cupboard again.
This is just some of the collection, stacked up to the hilt but looking pretty and waiting with baited breath for a pretty posy of flowers to fill up their void.

I just love these pretty ladies !

A little while ago my lovely Mother in law decided to clean out her cupboards and passed down to me all of her Mother's crystal !
                                      Lucky, lucky me !
Some pieces had yellowed with age but the sparkle warkle is still there when the sunshine hits and I am sure that somewhere inside there are tiny fairies dancing in a little rose hollow with frogs playing guitars and tea parties being served.
To me crystal is timeless and I am happy to say that it seems to be making a bit of a comeback.
I have noticed lots of crystal on top of cupboards in antique stores rather than hidden away and also the prices have risen quite dramatically as well. It makes my collection all that bit sweeter !

Well that's it for another week of
It has been a very busy week for me. I have decided to have a little sale here at our home selling all of the things that I make. It will be next weekend so I am as busy as a bee making, creating and having lots of fun in doing so.
It will only be a small gathering of friends but I am looking forward to it.  I will be sure to share with you all what I have made !
If there are any dear readers who happen to live over here in Australia and live close by then please contact me and you are most welcome to come along.

I am not selling on line at the moment but that's not to say that I will not in the future. From past experience much of my stock sells before I even get a chance to put it on line.

Enjoy your weekends !  I hope that you will all be doing something exciting and will get to enjoy some sunshine.


                                     Good luck to you all

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  1. Absolutely fabulous collection! I too have an addiction to crystal - it's just SO pretty. Well done to you for having the dedication to give them their bubble bath every season - I try to manage about once a year! x