Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thursday Flowers.....Vintage Arrangement

Welcome to

Today I am very happy to bring you all flowers of my choice !
They finally feel like me !!

I am on a short break from my course, so this week I created my very own arrangement.
Nothing formal, just very much what I would have put together before my course came along.

It is vintage inspired and the flowers are displayed in a vintage vase.

My flowers of choice are lilac roses, lilac/pink freesias, white Stocks and white and  lilac coloured Misty.

I created the 'bones' of the arrangement with Camelia foliage, Stocks and the roses. Then I filled it all in with sweet smelling Freesias and the ever so pretty Misty.

and I even had a special helper.......

I told her to 'scidaddle' or I would tie a ribbon around her neck.
Guess who wouldn't go away ! lol
She wasn't at all impressed with the ribbon.
Sorry Martha x

The Camelia foliage went in first followed by the Stocks and then the roses.
I love to arrange my flowers out in the garden. I can make as much mess as I want too and the photo's are always so bright and happy !
and with the leftovers I made a sweet little spray.
I had sooo much fun creating with flowers of my own choice.
In a few months we will be able to chose our own flowers at my course. I will look forward to that day.
I have a fettish for good old fashioned flowers.....

is anybody up for a tea party ?

Tomorrow on
French Blue and Peachy Pink
I will be throwing myself a birthday tea party.

All of my favourite cakes
from my very favourite cake store........yum !
Pop in for a spot of tea, a macaroon and a chat.

Look forward to your wonderful company


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  1. Anne-Marie Smith28 June 2012 at 17:15

    Looks gorgeous, must smell divine :)