Thursday, 30 August 2012

THURSDAY FLOWERS.........A Day In The Sun !

3 friends sat in the sun creating with flowers.

Classes weren't on this fine sunny day but the friends still longed to indulge in their weekly passion of creation.  The bucket of flowers arrived with a little of something for everyone.
It's funny how we all stood back waiting for each other to choose their blooms and being ever so gracious for what choices were made. It made me smile !

Miss Lucy chose pale champagne pink coloured roses, soft creamy carnations and jonquils.
Miss Julie-Anne chose vibrant yellow roses, white carnations and jonquils.
I decided on white roses, white carnations and jonquils.

We all came up with something completely different and unique.

(pictured below are my blooms of choice)

and this is the first arrangement that I made.
Then I pulled it all apart and made it into one of these !
So pretty
I enjoyed last week's white arrangement so much that I decided to make another.
I love the fresh creamy whites and greens together !
If only you could just poke your noses into this bunch and smell it !

flowers are heaven sent !
We sat in the warm sunshine filled garden.
We chatted
We drank tea
we devoured 2 punnets of strawberries !
We giggled
and we
our very own little bit of love with our flowers.

Miss Lucy turned these pretty blooms.....
Into this !!
Amazing isn't it.
I just adore those roses.
She created a big watering can full of love !
and she was very chuffed with her efforts.
She tied up her little bunch and toddled on home to write a letter.
I hope she spoke of her wonderful creation in the letter !
                           It was a glorious day in the sunshine
                            We shall have to do it again soon.
                                          Thankyou girls for making the day so much fun xx
                                        It is healing for the soul to be in such good company !

                 So thankyou for visiting THURSDAY FLOWERS.
                        It is always a pleasure to show off my new found  skills.  It seems just like yesterday that I was just learning how to tie a simple florists bow. Now I can put arrangements together. It's amazing how much we can learn in such a short time. I am so happy that I followed my hearts desire to study the art of floristry.

                                   I will see you all tomorrow


  1. You are a flower fairy! I love the posies!

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