Friday, 26 October 2012

A Tale Of Two Princesses


 Hello sweet friends !
In the early days of FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK I would often tell tales of my life. I always have people asking me why I don't do this anymore. I have decided to share one of my stories with you all today.
It is a story about two Princesses and it goes a little like this......

Once upon a time there were two giggly Princesses walking home from a very big night out.....

These two girls were very good friends and supported each other through many ups and downs. They liked to dine out regularly and have a glass of bubbles or two.  They had much to say to each other and one conversation could go on for hours. A 'quick coffee' could turn into a day long session full of endless pots of tea, cake and laughter.
One of the girl's husband would come home during one of the two friends 'talking sessions' and give up and go back out again to find some company of his own.  If he felt brave, then he would pull up a chair and join in with the banter.

These two girls had known each other for only two short years but in fact it seemed a lifetime to them.
Being in each others company felt so comfortable that they felt as though they had known each other forever.

This particular night would be one of their last spent together for some time. One girl was moving back to her hometown to be near family.  The other friend was so happy for her friend but at the same time she felt sad at the fact that seeing her would be a lot more difficult now.
The girls had sat and chatted and laughed all night long and had celebrated a great evening with a glass of champagne. Somehow they would make it work and they would see each other.........somehow.

As they walked up the city street in the wee hours of the night, they walked past many of their particular hang outs. They passed a cafe where they liked to eat breakfast, another place they would go to for lunch and many others that they had sat and ate a meal at with all of their families and shared funny memories.
Then the girls walked past the funniest place of all. It was the Zumba dance class building where the girls had hopped and jumped in a sweaty mess for an hour or so one night. It was the longest hour and a half EVER and had cost one of the girls a small fortune buying new runners and an outfit to wear there.  (by the way she never wore the outfit again ! lol)
The girls were the older 'Zumba dancers' (if you could call them dancers at all !) and had almost stopped breathing for periods of time during the whole saga.

The piece to resistance of the whole class was when bent over in half, (puffing and panting) one girl says to the other "Hey, you should see the diamond ring in the junk catalogue that I saw today !".
The other girl looked at her with the look of death on her face and said "How on Earth can you possibly be thinking of diamond rings in the middle of this torture !!!!!
The other girl smirked and the pair erupted into spasms of giggles.
Every other girl in the class was at least 15 years younger than them. To make matters worse, the Zumba instructor was bouncing around with boundless energy, smiling her face off and making strange shrilling noises. The two girls suffered like a pair of twits for the whole affair and then somehow managed to walk back down the stairs and out of the building  (even when their legs felt like jelly) and exhaustion was setting in !
It was a very fond memory and one that would have them smiling (and rolling their eyes !)for many years to come.

So on this solemn night walking home, reminiscing about their time spent together they didn't expect anything bad to happen.
The street were decidedly eery and a taxi was no where in sight. They had tried calling one of their husbands to come and pick them up but couldn't get in touch with him.
It was only two blocks to one of their houses so surely they would be ok ?

In the end they decided to risk it and walk. After all, they hadn't far to go.

Only a few houses up the street, the girls heard a noise but silently ignored it. It was a weird sound that neither of them could recognise.
They kept moving forward up the dark, dark street but had began to walk a little faster.

and then they heard it again !
and it was getting closer.

By this time, the girls had both begun to panic. One was kicking off her six inch heels and getting ready to run. The other was almost ready to burst out crying.
Hearts beating clear out of their chests, the girls looked at each other and were working out what to do.
One second later one girl began to climb up the other girls leg to her shoulders as if she would protect her. Fat chance of that happening, as the other girl was beside herself with terror !

The sound came again and this time it was right behind them. They both SCREAMED !!!!!

and what did they find when they turned around ?

Tiny little pieces of tin foil from a discarded kebab roll, that were blowing along in the wind !


At this point the girls looked at each other in disbelief and horror at their encounter. They began to smile..........then sigh........and then they erupted into giggles that would have them giggling for the next few days.

What a pair of chickens !  They were as bad as each other when it came to being 'tough girls' !
It was certainly a night to remember and one that always brought a smile to their faces.

By the time they were halfway home, one of their husbands was walking up the street towards them. When asking how he knew they were coming home, his reply was "The whole darn street knows that you are coming home. I could hear the pair of you coming from a mile away !"
Again giggles erupted and it took a coffee to settle them down.
It had been a night to remember that's for certain. They both knew that they would never walk home in the wee hours ever again. Especially when  'big bad tin foil' was lurking in the streets ! lol

The two girls talk often and visit each other on weekends from time to time. They snatch any opportunity at all to spend time together. They have created many memories and look forward to many, many more.
It goes to show that the old saying that 'the road to a friends heart is never very long'. Friendships have the power to hold each other up when times are tough and a good cup of tea and a biscuit to dunk in it will pretty much solve everything.

and that my friends is the end of my story.

Have a wonderful weekend my beautiful bloggy friends.
I hope that you are all doing something amazing and I look forward to seeing you all again next week.
I plan on visiting the flea market and finding buried treasure (namely lace).
Of course I will share my buried treasure with you all next week in blogland.

                                                    Love Melanie x


  1. Oh my goodness, I was rivvited to this wonderful story!

    I giggles, I was scared, I even got sad - ah, true BFFs, priceless.

    Get together soon, ok?

  2. Oh, Melanie! I loved your story! What a great tale of friendship! You are most blessed!