Monday, 17 December 2012

My Little Christmas Tea Party

Tea parties should never be reserved for birthdays and special occasions.
Tea parties are a little treat that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. I had a little stash of beautiful chocolates that were given to me. The kids had been bursting at the seams to taste one......

After little grubby fingerprints began appearing on the smooth shiny chocolates I decided to put them out of their misery and set up a little tea party for my 'babies' (big babies at that !)

After making them salivate whilst taking my photo's I called them in to choose a chocolate and make them a cup of tea.

Well hence to say they disappeared before my very eyes and there were some very happy faces.

I decided to share some tips in decorating for a tea party, whether it be a Christmas theme or other.

I always choose a colour and a theme.
I try to keep to a simple colour combination and think about the colours and textures of the food being served and make sure my china displays it well therefore making it as pleasing to the eye as possible.
I decided to use my grandmothers brown and white tea pot set and teamed it with my big green milk glass cake stand. 
I chose a beige coloured lace tablecloth and laid fresh sprigs of crab apple branches on my table.
The greens, browns and beige's all complimented the warm brown and cream colours of the chocolates.
Simple white china allowed the chocolate to be the stars of the show and not be trying to compete with any of my floral plates.
Simple is best !

Think about the size of your table and use your china appropriately.
We held our tea party at our coffee table by the Christmas tree, therefore I used small side plates and petite sized china. Heavy thick plates would have over powered the delicate size of the sweets.
A pretty crystal bowl full of leftover silver glittery baubles set the whole look off and gave it a Christmas feel.

Would you like a pistachio macaroon or a caramel/peanut butter filled truffle ?
I pushed the table over next to our Christmas tree where we sat and enjoyed our little feast!

Don't forget the small touches that give your table texture and interest.  I used a creamy lace tablecloth and some antique milk jug covers to decorate my cake plate with. 
Milk jug covers look fabulous used as doilies !
You can always use them for their original use and cover your little milk jugs with them.  They are relatively cheap to pick up from antique stores and you can find some really sweet ones. The one that I used was plain white with white glass beads hanging from it.
My son's old antique school chairs were just the size to sit around our table and the nice wood patina of the chairs blended in perfectly with my colour theme.

We had a delightful afternoon tea and created some special memories of Christmas 2012.


  1. So lovely!I have owned the same pattern of brown transferware. It's nice to see it in use.Sweet tea party :)

  2. Oh Melanie! How divine!

    And you just know how much I adore all things tea! (Pop on over and look at my tea tab if you want to see what I mean, haha.)

    What a special time you provided for loved ones.

    What a treat and wonderful memories you gave, too.

  3. I really do love your tea parties!!! YUM!!! And the beautiful English china! Your tips are excellent, thank you for such a lovely post ♥♥♥

  4. I love your chairs! What a lovely tea party. Tea parties are essential.

  5. Your new blog header and background are gorgeous! I also love that jade cake stand. You really have a gift for sharing tea time . . . any chance you're going to open a tea shop? You have the eye for it!

  6. What a lovely and fun time you made for your children. I like to have a light tea and scones after school with my children so that we can share a moment before they start chatting and running with friends or groups. It is always a special time for us.

  7. Oh my friend...this is the most lovely have the perfect touch always! We will talk really has been over the top and a bit draining but I sure hope you and your wonderful family had a fabulous deserve the very best!!!! sending you tons of love and hugs and we will talk soon : )