Monday, 10 December 2012

Princess In Training

One hot, sunny Summers morning the lady of the house was so excited because she was going to spend the day with her two beautiful nieces. It was the Grandmother's birthday and the whole family were looking forward to celebrating with a delicious lunch and birthday cake.

There were gifts on the table, laughter in the air and lots of happy smiles.
Celebration was in the air and the family were all very happy to be together.

The lady of the house had promised her little nieces that they would make something special for their Grandmother. (I will bring that story to you tomorrow !)
The lady of the house loved spending time with her nieces.  They were lots of fun to be around and they always made her laugh.

The smallest of the girls followed the lady of the house around like a little shadow.
She wanted to help set up the table in preparation for birthday cake.

The lady of the house smiled to herself and began taking her best tea set our and handing it to the little one to set the table. Tea cups and saucers were laid out absolutely everywhere and in no particular order but she couldn't have cared less because she was having so much fun watching the little one 'play house'.
Next she handed the little one some long pink candles to put on top of the cake. These candles were special because they had graced the top of 2 previous significant birthday cakes.
One by one the little one ever so carefully pushed each candle into the cake.
She did a marvellous job and stood back to admire her work. She stood smiling and was quite chuffed with herself !

The only thing left to do was to call the birthday girl into the room and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

The little one sat and waited for her cake.  The elders were admiring her great work  and commented on how pretty the table was.
Then little one smiled !

A slice of cake was laid before her. She actually didn't like the cake very much (boo) but opted for an ice block instead. A yummy strawberry ice block too !

All the time the little one was being watched by her big sister. The big sister adored her little sister and mothered her constantly. The two sat side by side pretending to drink tea out of the very special grown up cups. (They didn't really like the tea either ! lol)  but it was lots of fun pretending that they did.

The lady of the house watched the two sisters and admired their strong bond with each other.
She was proud of her darling nieces and liked to think of them as her little Princesses in training.
Maybe one day it would be one of them that would develop a love for pretty china and lace ?
You just never know do you ?
But it would be lots of fun waiting to find out.

One by one the pretty pink candles were put on the birthday cake.
and then she carefully laid out the table with the best china, as any little Princess in training should !
Then it was time to sing 'Happy Birthday to you'
Piece by piece the birthday cake was cut.
and the two Princesses smiled in delight !
and then there was only one piece left !

             It was such a fun day and the family all had a marvellous time.
Tomorrow on FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK the lady of the house will share with you the sweet craft that they all made together.
              She cannot wait to show you !


  1. Oh what pretty princesses, and so sweet of them to give their Grandmother a birthday party. That cake looks so good!

  2. What a lovely party! The table looks so pretty!