Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Little Bit Of Button Love

Do you keep your buttons organised in colours ?
Do you keep them in jars or a basket or even in the junk draw ?

I have to admit that I am a bit of an organiser.
I like everything to be pretty and in it's place. I wouldn't say that I am a perfectionist around the house because 4 children definitely does not allow that ! lol
But when it comes to being organised, then I have to be for my own sanity.
My organisational skills can be a tad excessive when it comes to my sewing bits and pieces. All cottons have to be in colour order and all of my fabrics are also kept in a colour scheme.
AND YES I am one of those scary people who likes to group colours together in my wardrobe. I simply find it easier to work out what I fancy wearing each day and it makes the choice a little easier.

So when it comes to my buttons then compulsion to group in colours comes well and truly out to play.

Over the weekend while I was out antiquing I added a few new buttons to my collection. They were quite inexpensive and I knew that they would be great for my jewellery line that you can find HERE AT MY ETSY STORE

I try to pick up buttons at good prices whenever I can because I have noticed the price of buttons has been increasing of late. The antique dealers seem to be able to sell them for a lot more these days which means that there are a lot of button collectors around who are prepared to pay the prices they are charging.
I like to make my jewellery line affordable and the price of what I pay for my lace, buttons and buckles reflects in what I charge in my store.
Please pop over to MY STORE for a look at my pieces.

Meanwhile please scroll down to see a few of my favourite buttons.

These few below were the newbies that I found over the weekend.
The gold one top left is my favourite. It is really a lovely button and I know that it will look gorgeous on one of my French Cuffs.

I don't mind the odd pearl or 2 or 3 or 4.........

and only vintage will do. The older, the better !
Stains and marks only add to the patina and beauty.
My pieces have lived a life of purpose and I like to think that even the ugly duckling can transform into a beautiful swan.

                      See you all tomorrow !


  1. What a great collection. My heart skips a beat when I find the rhinestone ones!!


  2. Hello sweet Melanie, your etsy store is absolutely stunning, I´ve checked it few times already and I must say the the future owner of these jewells will be really honoured to wear them! :-) I admire your stunning button collection and I especially enjoyed today´s photos coz they are all in my most favourite pastel colors...:-) I do not have many buttnos yet...but if I had some, I´d store them in a glass jar with a ribbon around it so that I could enjoy a view of them every day on one of my shelves :-) Have a lovely day!

    1. I have buttons in jars too !! lol But did that really surprise you with my collecting skills !
      I haven't really done a lot with my store to promote it until now because I simply have not had the time. I am not really knowledgable with Etsy but I will give it a try for a little while. If I don't like it then I will go to Ebay. I sell most of my pieces locally xo

  3. Hi sweet Melanie! The pinky pearls are gorgeous! All your buttons are true treasures!

  4. Melanie your button collection is lovely!! Those pearly ones are my fave and I love the glass ones too. I am always aazed at the multitudes of styles and colors out there. Too bad I can't afford them all!!

  5. Your button collection is so pretty :) I have my buttons in jars and bins {I gave up color coordinating them, they are all thrown together}.....I think it looks pretty either way~~~~~ And the older the button the better! :)