Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Treasures From My Travels To Windsor

A promise is a promise...

I promised photo's of pretty shops from my recent travels so I thought that I would share my favourite one with you all.

I was driving along the main road of a town in NSW, Australia called Richmond. I wanted to show my boys around a little after the sports tournament had finished.
The town was so pretty and the historical homes and buildings had me jumping up and down with delight.
We hopped out the car and began to explore and had a bite to eat. It was then that I discovered the most gorgeous store FULL of glorious home wares. The name of the store is

You will find their facebook page HERE

The boys rolled their eyes at each other knowing that Mum would want to go inside and explore. All they wanted to do was go shopping.  But being the kind of girl that I am I made them come in a suffer through the whole experience ! lol

They giggled and joked with the lovely store owner who happily chatted with us and told us about her beautiful store. 
The style of the store is French rustic/ country and  the lovely owner is a florist, so her love of flowers and all things green and mossy shines through every little corner of the store.
Little Mason jars full of moss and speckled eggs kept catching my eye. There were little birdhouses and wire baskets hanging from a branch hanging in the back of the store.  Everything was so enchanting and so beautiful and I couldn't decide what to buy.

After much deliberation I chose the cutest white iron bunny for my son, a bracelet for my daughter with a little bird on it, some taper candles, a sweet little heart shaped blackboard to put in another giveaway and a beautiful necklace for my dear friend Princess K.
Everything was wrapped simply in white tissue with natural twine which kept the whole natural theme of the shop going.
It was a glorious little corner of the world and it was so wonderful to browse through it (even with 2 unruly boys with me ! lol)

I apologise for the mobile phone quality photo's but my camera was packed deep within our luggage.  I am sure that the beauty of this store shines through the unclear image.
The store is beautiful inside and out just as the photo's show.

Isn't this floral display in the window absolutely beautiful. It was displayed in an old tea chest and stacked upon an old vintage suitcase.  STUNNING !
and a happy little greeting met me at the door when I arrived.

                       and all perfectly wrapped up with love !

and inside the package was a surprise for my big boy at home.
How could I resist this pretty little white cast iron bunny !

I enjoyed every second shopping in this store. The friendly owner mentioned that she has a website under construction but for now you will find her on facebook.


  1. What a cute little shop!!! Such a pity I can´t visit it....but maybe one day...who knows ;-D

  2. Oh wow! What a gorgeous shop! My sister would love it, how close to Sydney would you say Richmond is? I am sure she'd think it worth a trip!

    1. Hi !
      Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments. You are always so kind.
      Richmond is at the foot of the Blue Mountains. It is actually a suburb of Sydney but from the centre of Sydney it may take about 1 hour but maybe quicker depending on motor ways. The store is really lovely and well worth the trip and the owner of the store is really friendly to make it even more welcoming. I hope your sister makes the trip xo

  3. I am lucky enough to live close enough to go there often.
    Kylie the owner is just a beautiful person and the customer service is what i think all stores should aim for.
    Do yourselves a favour ladies its well worth the trip :)