Friday, 8 March 2013


THURSDAY FLOWERS has found itself being posted one day late this week but I am sure that you all won't really mind even a little bit.
(Especially since my teenage son has offered to model my bouquet! :-)

My Thursday Flowers segment has very fast become my busiest blog traffic day and I am very flattered that you are all so interested in watching my journey of learning this beautiful art.
Each week I look at my work and see myself improving my technique and getting faster.  I am challenging myself to stray out of my comfort zone and use colours and flowers that I wouldn't previously even have considered using.  In doing so, I have discovered new colours and textures and combinations that I really love.

This week in floristry class we made 2 designs.

A Shower Bouquet (pictured above)
A Drop Posy (underneath)

We are focusing on bridal work at the moment so we are using lots of roses and orchids in our work. 
I still had lots of orchids left from last week which I kept in the cool room so I used those and teamed them with creamy white roses. 

After making the pretty Shower bouquet, we pulled it all apart, wired up once again and remade it into the Drop Posy.
By this time my poor old week old orchids were very sad and droopy........

It was a busy day of learning and after a lot of coffee I bought home my half dead finished product ! lol
My coloured wire stringing the pom poms together is not as pretty after the ride home and unpacking my car but you can see what the whole concept is supposed to be.
My very macho teenage son was kind enough to model my bouquet for me (muddy knees and all !).  Of course I promised not to tell anybody about it because it wasn't 'cool'. 

The muddy knees and sports clothes look fantastic with my creation don't you think ?
He is a good boy :-)
For those who remember my post about the Marie Antoinette tea party HERE he is the same son who reluctantly agreed to don the antique lace dress and gloves when I needed a model ! 

I am so very fortunate to have found myself in a class full of beautiful girls who support each other and bring yummy cakes in each week to share. We laugh and learn together and have such a great day.  I always look forward to seeing them all each week and have made some wonderful friends among them all.
Our teacher is inspiring and encouraging and fills us with confidence. With such a warm environment to learn in, it makes our learning a pleasure and not a chore.

If you have ever considered learning floristry I can highly recommend it. I will mention though that it isn't as easy as it looks and it is definitely not always sunshine and joy.
It is however addictive and once you have been bitten by the flower bug you will never be the same again.

I am looking forward to a wonderfully sunny weekend (the first in 3 weeks) and plan on a little bit of antique shopping. I will look forward to sharing my new finds with you all next week !

                         Have a restful and happy weekend


  1. Oh my gorgeous your creations are!!!! You are totally amazing!!!! I just sit her and I am completely floored at what you do with natures gifts!!! You are a blessing in my life and in so many others...sending you tons of hugs and much much love ALWAYS!!!! hugs...

  2. So beautiful! You clever girl!

  3. Wow! Your son is a sweetie pie to model that LOVELY creation!
    I would like to have a posy to carry around all day at school.
    Why don't we ever order posies for ourselves, just because?
    YOU are an amazing flower lady, Melanie!