Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Secret Garden Splendour

I received a pretty parcel in the post recently from a dear friend of mine Vera from
She loves to surprise me with pretty scrap booking supplies from her business

I was super happy when the postman handed me the box and I took a peek inside.
Aunty Vera knows me very well.
She knew that I would be squealing with delight.

I thought you would all love to take a peek too !

These gorgeous papers are from the 'Secret Garden' collection.
She has lots in stock right now so pop over and tell her that you are a friend of mine. She is a real sweetheart and she will look after you.

I had something special in mind to make with them when I saw them. I decided to make some pretty gift tags to attach to my flower orders for Mothers Day.
They are so pretty and soft and Mums would love them.
Well this Mum (me) loves them especially !

These are my tags complete !
I love the one on top the best because I LOVE Forget-me nots
Didn't I get spoilt !
Lucky me :-)

You will find these papers HERE

I love to make things when special occasions arise. There is nothing nicer then a home made card to say 'I love you Mum'
and then I made something quite neutral and brown into the perfect greeting for my tea cup posies.
They are quick and easy to make and allow my blooms to be the star and not the card.
They may be boring brown but they look really effective don't you think ?
a dab of hot glue stuck my little flags on to a simple skewer. 
Simple but just right.

              no it's not your eyes..........this next pic IS blury.
                                     But you get the idea of where my little flags ended up !

and the birthday girl was very happy when I delivered her little teacup full of happiness. It is such a gift in itself to hand somebody flowers and seeing their face light up.


  1. Oh how sweet of your dear friend Vera- I loooove all those pretty scrapbook items, WOW!!

    Your teacup floral arrangement is so beautiful, Mel - keep up the good work! Yay!

  2. They are very lovely....and very vintage looking..like them alot. Have a most wonderful day. with love Janice

  3. Oh these papers are so beautiful! And I love your little flags, and the tape measure ties on your pretty flower arrangements.

  4. Hi Melanie!
    I love pretty papers! Vera is a sweetie pie!