Friday, 13 December 2013

French Blue and Peachy Pink Makes Her Comeback !!!!!!



After what seems to be an eternity without a computer and running my whole life through my phone, I have just been surprised with a nice shiny white laptop from my darling husband.
I am SUPER EXCITED to be blogging again !!
I just need to learn how to drive this new toy of mine and start snapping away again on my camera !


I have completed my Floristry course after 2 years and I'm now a fully qualified Florist......YIPPEE

I have opened my own little flowery business. Just from home at the moment but a store is definitely on the cards in the future. Oh the fun that I will have there !!!!!

My antiquing has slowed down a LOT (boooo) due to now having a business and having other priorities BUT that does not mean that I have stopped collecting antiques altogether.
I have joined my love of antique, lace, vintage and flowers into one big fat happy spectrum (I will share details about that another time)

I am busy busy busy creating beautiful Christmas wreaths and table centrepieces at the moment for the upcoming 'Silly Season'

I have created amazing bridal bouquets for some very happy brides

There is so much to share and I will definately be catching you up on my learning with Thursday Flowers.

I cannot promise you daily blogposts like before but I will at least be blogging again when I can fit it in between flowery creations.

                                        SO THAT'S MY NEWS, WHAT'S YOURS ?

I will look forward to chatting again and reading up on so many of my favourite blogs to see what everybody has been up to.


  1. Welcome back, Melanie. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Good to see you Melanie! it has been fun watching your grow on Facebook! I also just found your address there that you sent me a LONG time ago and I had not found it before! Crazy! i will be in touch with you. Sorry it took so long!

  3. Hey Melanie! Great to have you back! I have missed your fab flowery postings! Such good news all is going well for you, Mrs Florist! You certainly have some beautiful blooms to play with - I visited my sister in Sydney in August and we had a painfully early start one morning to go to the flower markets to choose flowers for her wedding -amazing exotic things!

  4. It's nice to see you, sweet Melanie!
    I follow your cute flower posts on Facebook. You are doing beautiful work!