Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hello...I am Melanie and This My Friends, Is My Story

Once upon a time I was walking through the back rooms of a second hand store.It was  full to the brim of both trash and treasures.  It was both dark and dirty but at the same time it made my heart happy and the thrill of the chase had grabbed me with both hands.
SUDDENLY I spotted an old table in the 'restricted back room'. One of the legs of the table was held on by an old rag which was wound tight to keep the leg attached.
"Can I help you there?", boomed the very annoyed voice of the shop keeper. "You know this area is out of bounds !"
With a lowered head and a wry smile came my response, "I'm so sorry but I was wondering if I could take a look at the piece of fabric tied around that table leg?".
The shopkeeper looked at me as if I were quite insane and rolled his eyes.  With a sigh he quietly untied the old rag and brought it over to me. With a thumping heart and a smile on my face '"I'll take it thanks !"

The poor guy just let me take the 'rag' free of charge, I am sure he thought I had a screw loose !  But that beautiful pink and yellow, floral chintz fabric turned out to be just so pretty after a soak in the bleach bucket. It went on to become trims to many dainty cushions, guest towels and doilies.
My love for fabrics had truly come to life with that one scrap of dusty rag.

Moral to the story.....beauty lies in the most unsuspecting places and if our eyes are watching and the treasure fairies are with us , then we shall find !


  1. Loving the post... and the blog.... keep posting.

  2. YAY! Told you it would work out. Looking great :)

  3. This made me smile - thank you! xxx

  4. Wonderful story and good moral too! : )