Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Grandmother's Sewing Box

One of my earliest memories is sitting on my Grandparents huge big feather bed playing in my dear Grandma's sewing box. I just adored playing with the pretty cottons and buttons and bits and bobs. 
My creative mind would go into overdrive and I'd beg for scraps to make my Barbie dolls some teensy clothes. 

The smell of the sewing box to this day reminds me of that huge big bed and the smell of my Grandma's pressed powder and violet soap. The perfume alightens my senses and I am transformed back to a time of simplicity and wonder.  My Grandma always had time to spend with me and she would watch with her smiling blue eyes, my little amazed face with a look of love. I think back to those times and I can only imagine that she was treasuring those moments herself.

My beautiful Grandmother  has long left our wondrous world but I hold her legacy of love within my heart and from time to time I indeed sit on my own bed and breathe in the memories that live within the sewing box.

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