Saturday, 30 April 2011

Random Acts of Kindness.....The Surprise on my doorstep

Sometimes in our life, things just don't seem to want to go our way and everything is a constant uphill battle. The chain of unforseen events seems to be endless and as much as we try to hop of this turmultuous rollercoaster ride there seems to be no stopsign.  You know what I am talking about, we have all had it and know the feeling very well.   Well, once upon a time when it was my turn on the rollercoaster, a little flicker of light appeared. 
It was in the later stages of the day when any busy household was trying to wind down from a busy day and tempers were frayed.  Low and behold I discover a cardboard box on our front doorstep. Wondering where on Earth it had appeared from, I opened the box and to my amazement found the most incredible 3 tiered chocolate cake with  beautiful fresh  flowers popping out of the middle. A little note from a friend attached.  It was such a pleasure to receive such a thoughtful gift and totally unexpected. The gift of giving with total love brings more joy to the giver  than the receiver.  This Random Act of Kindness touched my heart and gave me a sense of hope that...just maybe, the fog was clearing. Never underestimate the gift of giving, whether it be a warm hug, a smile or a kind gesture. When hope is fading a light is never ever that far strong, be brave and carry on


  1. Loving the photos and stories.
    Your blog is so inspiring.

  2. Thankyou Miss Bella, I am so happy you are enjoying my stories x

  3. Thank you for showing me your blog and my chocolate cake filled with floweres! I feel very special to be on your wonderful blog and to be considered a friend.Your blog is another one of those reminders in life to count our blessings. Thanks for all the great information and inspiration. Jo