Monday, 2 May 2011

Heaven in a teacup......Fernwood Terrace

Once upon a time I was invited along to a beautiful little terrace for high tea in the garden. It would be my first ever high tea and I was thrilled at the idea of sipping endless cups of tea, spending time with my beautiful Mother and sampling the dainty little cakes and morsels that I had been told about.  Warm breeze filled the air and butterflies danced in amongst the flower beds. From the moment I swung open the pretty front gate at Ferwood Terrace I was hooked for life. "Welcome to Fernwood," came a friendly voice. The voice belonged to a beautiful lady named Maria Young who I am lucky enough now to call my friend.   We were taken to a little garden house and seated at the most beautifully laid out table of vintage china,lace tea cloths and pearls and fresh flowers.  Heaven had at that point descended on the Earth......  One by one, the offerings were served. There was soup in china teacups, dainty sandwiches, tarts ,teensy rose topped cupcakes and my ultimate favourite, cream filled mushroom cakes just the way my Grandmother used to make them .....Delish doesn't even begin to describe it.   This little haven lies within a beautiful cottage garden and the food served there is guaranteed to have every taste bud in your mouth screaming for more.  It has become one of my most deadly sins and once you have been there ,I will be very surprised if you haven't booked your next sitting  before you leave. 

Fernwood Terrace
16 Ravenshaw Street, The Junction
NSW, Australia
Phone (02) 4969 2912

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