Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sweet offerings from the angels.......

Once upon another time, a wise person shared with me a very special story which I hold very close to my heart.  This person spent much time with the elders of a native American Indian tribe.  This tribe believed that when feathers appeared on your path that it was a sign from the angels that they were close by.   I have treasured this story and I cannot tell you how many times feathers have floated, softy, wistfully and effortlessly down from the sky and landed at my feet.
  May this beautiful tale pass gently on to you now my friends.  May the angels always be with you all, protecting you and yours xo

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  1. I too have been sent many angle 'gifts' and treasure them also - Love energy is all around us, we just have to be open to the universe and soak up it's generous spirit at every opportunity. xxx