Thursday, 5 May 2011

Antique Greeting Cards from times past....

Antique and vintage Greeting cards are one of my many passions.  They are the prettiest cards you will ever find and each has it's own little story on the back.  I find them in Antique stores and junk stalls and if you are really lucky and your Grandmother saves her pretty cards than you may find some in her card box.  The stories told on these cards are sometimes heart wrenching tales of war torn lovers, or simply Birthday greetings to loved ones.  Every card has it's own story. My most precious find so far was an old torn,leather bound photo album dating back to the late 1800's.  There were little pressed snippets of fern and pansy flowers and tiny palm cards issued to a little one at Sunday School. Unfortunately most of the photographs had been removed however quite a few old greeting cards were still inside.  When I spotted it at my local antique centre I was overjoyed.  These cards were given in days gone by where birthday gifts were a luxury. Beautiful cards were a way of expressing your thoughts and gifts of socks were considered a luxury. Times were hard, money hard to come by, wars were being fought and possessions were very few and far between.  Women and young girls would turn their card collections into beautiful handmade boxes which were lovingly crocheted together. They would keep their precious keepsakes in these boxes, often pretty hankerchiefs and gloves.

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