Friday, 6 May 2011

Gorgeous Home made Gift Cards for your Mother.......

Mothers all around the world  love it when their children make them a homemade card. A mother will always keep momentos of her babies no matter what the age.  Homemade cards are such a sweet, simple gift from the heart and guarantee to put a smile on any Mums face. A little handwritten poem or a simple "I Love You Mum" will have any Mother gushing with pride.  A scrap of ribbon and some offcuts off scrapbooking pages , pretty silver braid, glitter and some glue was all I required whilst making these gorgeous gift cards. Vintage children's books which are cheaply purchased from secondhand stores are perefct for chopping up. Use the letters or even lines of the story to create your card.  I holepunched a tiny hole on the top of this card ,tied a scrap of ribbon through it and hang it on our Christmas tree each year.  I created a set of Christmas themed cards, presented them in a simple white box lined with silver tissue paper and gave them as a gift to a friend. She adored them and hangs them on her tree each year. Simple but effective and for very little cost. The thought behind the gift meant far more than any expensive store bought gift.  Surprise yourself, dig into your wrapping paper drawer, buy some glitter and start creating. Skys the limit and you'll have fun making them too.  Looking forward to seeing some of your results dear friends xo

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