Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fleamarket and Vintage Treasures....

Once upon a time there was a young woman who moved to the big smoke to begin a new life. She was fresh out of school and had the world at her feet. Worldy experiences were an amazing adventure to her and she loved to recieve her weekly pay packet and go on search missions looking for pretty bits of bric a brac at markets and second hand stores to decorate her apartment with. She made friends with shopkeepers and found them to be a wealth of information to her. A small bunch of flowers and a good chicken curry would complete her day's shopping and then she would spend the whole afternoon redecorating and finding just the right place for her newfound treasures.  Thus the bowerbird and collector of all things French Blue and Peachy Pink was born. She would scour a whole entire marketplace with one just the right shade of blue or pink and then purchase.  From then on, her whole life never strayed from that colour palette, she felt that these colours were part of her soul, they made her happy. Later on, whites, creams and lacey textures arrived and created a whole new dimension. Her life's passion was alive and very well and she was very happy.

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