Sunday, 15 May 2011

'Literature and gorgeous illustrations'.........another one of my many loves in life.  Old treasures such as books hold memories of times gone by. As  the reader discards their book off to a dusty corner of their bookcase, the pages stay intact, waiting for another person to come by and be whisked away by their stories.  The stories hold magical tales and beautiful pictures for the eye to drink in....Eye candy for the soul.

 I spent a large part of my childhood being whisked away by books. Fairy Tales, Nancy Drew mystery stories were a definate favourite, fiction, non fiction it really didn't matter. I felt at home with a book. I remember begging my Father on a regular basis to take me to the library so I could stock up my collection. I would bring home quite the heavy armfull of books and the stray laminated poster of baby seals or kittens......I loved it ! After a visit to the library I would go into hybernation in my little pink bedroom, hide under the covers  and explore the world of fantasy.  My Mother's old Noddy books and other books she had saved from her childhood  were my favourites. They offered simple tales of friendship, tea parties and princesses, any little girls dream.

I still cannot resist a stack of old books in a flea market, old Enid Blyton titles of faraway lands immediately catapult me back to my little warm bed in my pink bedroom. Timeless memories of yesteryear.
Often books I pick up now from markets have dedications to some dear little child inside the front cover. They have been presented to them at school for a reward for neat work. I love reading these inscriptions, always wondering how excited the child would have been to receive their shiny,new book.

Victorian and even Edwardian books are even more precious and the stories told are just as captivating. These books were written way before anybody had thought of television and computers.The author told tales of amazing adventures for boys and girls even though he/she had probably never experienced these things themself.  Imagination is a wonderful thing and we all possess it in our minds.  Writing a journal, a birthday card etc. is a perfect way to tell others of your innermost thoughts. Something that many people find hard to do these days. Expressing yourself is good for the soul and doing so will show others in years to come just how you felt about your life. A gift in itself. Life is to be treasured, live it to the fullest. Sharing what you have learnt is a valuable treasure for not only yourself, but for your loved ones. Share all that you know and offer it to the world. Life experience is worth more than gold and should never be underestimated.

I found this little treasure pictured above, at Ambleside Cottage. It is Circa 1888 and is available for purchase for $45 AUS .   Other books in below photograph are available for assorted prices  Call  Ambleside Cottage on (02) 49621532 for further details.

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