Sunday, 29 May 2011

Tales From a Fairy Godmother......

Once upon a time a little angel was born into the world. She was blessed with grace and fell straight into the arms of a loving family.  She was given a beautiful name to go with her sunny disposition and enchanted any person who should stray upon her path.

One day, the little angel's Mummy and Daddy asked  a special person to be Godmother for their little darling.
Heart beating excitedly the Godmother readily accepted her new role in this child's life. She felt that this little angel was part of her, this little one was an old soul, she was sure that they had met before in another time.  The connection that Godmother and angel shared was truly precious. They made each other smile and cuddles made them both happy.  The Christening day arrived and there was much excitement. All were dressed in their finest and laughter filled the air. Blessings were given, people were smiling and love was all around.

The proud parents began their walk down the aisle with their baby daughter. Many were looking on with joy. The Godmother looked on happily at her little Godaughter.  She wondered what great things this little person would achieve in her life. She knew that she would be there holding her hand along the way and watching her blossom. The little angel turned around and smiled at her  Godmother. The Daddy said "Would you like to hold her?".  "Of course'" replied the happy Godmother.
They both shared a smile,a warm embrace and happily walked out into the world.

There was endless love, plenty of cuddles, pink cake and way too many photo's.
and they both were living happily ever after
I love you little angel

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