Monday, 30 May 2011

A Handful of Pretty Scraps

It's amazing what can be achieved with bits and pieces from your scrap bag.  Most sewers out there will know just how many little scraps of ribbon, trims and fabrics can be accumulated.  We all tend to save them because they are too pretty to throw away and our stash can become quite plentiful.
This pretty creation was very easy and it was whipped up in no time at all.

  1.  I took 2 photocopied pages of  music sheets, stitched up 3/4 of it around the edge giving  a 3cm hem with quite a large zigzag stitch in pink.
  2. I then stuffed a small amount of tissue paper inside the heart and carefully stitched up the remaining edge until it was all sealed.
  3.  I then sewed some pretty tulle trim that I had  (you could use lace as well) around the hem line.
  4.  I stitched a  scrap of pink pompom trim across the bottom of the heart and used adhesive squares from a scrapbooking supplier to stick down my cute little baby ballerina.
  5. I added a ribbon hanger and glue gunned 2 white feathers at the top.
  6. I added a pretty mirror from  to the top of the heart for some more detail.  I love these little mirror decal stick ons, they are so pretty and I know my little niece will love seeing her reflection in them when she's a little older.  A little detail goes a long way in craft.
It was simple and took 1/2 hour to create.  A pretty piece like this could be used in place of a birthday card and the special someone that you give it too would love the thought and effort that went into making it.
You could even use newspaper or sheets of wrapping paper. Very cost effective and we all have these things lying around.
Think twice before you visit your craft store because we can all find bits and pieces lying around that will make something gorgeous and even better it will save time and money. Use your creative imagination !

You will find the little mirror decals and other gorgeous papers and scrapbooking supplies at
    Vera has such a pretty range, take a look at her website and see for yourself. Let your imagination run wild...

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