Friday, 20 May 2011

Tea cup collection....mixing old with new

When I set a pretty table for an afternoon tea, I always bring out my beautiful Victorian tea set. The china is so fine and delicate and beautiful to drink from. I often mix it with  my white Royal Albert tea set and the two combined work really well together. The beauty of china is that it can easily be mixed and matched, just colour coordinate your pieces.  I find a fresh white tablecloth sets off pretty floral dishes and if you have a plain white tea set try using a pretty floral tablecloth.


  1. Hi,
    I really like your tea cup collection especially the three tea cups of the last pic.
    Would you mind telling me the names of the company that made them?

  2. Hi Felicity, these tea cups are from Victorian times. The cup on the bottom isn't stamped as a lot weren't back then. The top cups have a teeny tiny stamp marked 'Victoria, Austria'. Finding china from this period isn't impossible but it may not be easy. Good luck with your search. You could try 'China Finders'.