Monday, 27 June 2011

Domestic Goddess Monday.........Cath Kidston Labels for your Kitchen Jars

A bucket of soapy water, a scrubbing brush and a lot of elbow grease. Not my idea of a good time but it has to be done unfortunately.  (Well unless you have direct contact with the fairy realm and you hire them in for the day).  Today was clean out the pantry day

To inspire myself I gathered a few "pretties" to help with the organising. A lot of the labels had washed off my jars so I had some pretty new Cath Kidston labels that I had been saving to reapply. I have to admit I am a bit of a neat freak in my pantry and I love everything to be neat and tidy. I always line my pantry with non slip grip which also protects the surface from stains from leaking bottles of sauce and spices. 

In my pantry I always have a tea tray set up just in case surprise guests turn up. I have an assortment of teas and coffee and hot chocolate to tempt tastebuds.

Keep rotating your cans and sauces rather than placing new purchases at the front because you'll end up throwing food away that has seen it's used by date.  Keep your food fresh in containers and don't be tempted to fold over the top of that biscuit packet because we both know that they'll be stale in no time. Invest in some Tupperware that will keep your food fresh.

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  1. When you are done there I need you to do mine. Any time is good for me. you have the keys let yourself in. See you soon for my black eye.
    love Sashxxx