Friday, 24 June 2011

French Blue Pretty Things........

Once upon a time my little girl was just a wee dot of a thing........

One day when we were shopping in our favourite store together we spotted this beautiful powder blue linen dress with a pretty scalloped collar and a satin and tulle underskirt. It had a wide blue sash around the waist and when little miss tried it on it swished and twirled like a fairy princess.
Well this beautiful dress became a party dress. I still remember watching my little princess twirling around listening to the sound of her beautiful dress and dancing in her little ballet flat shoes that we bought to match. Her blonde curls and big brown eyes and wide grin are as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday.  I can still see her little baby doll tucked under her arm and her little purse under the other. Where oh where did those years go ?
She is well and truly still a princess and her big brown eyes are as gorgeous as ever. Pretty party dresses have been replaced with lipstick and high heels but her beautiful heart is still as pure and gentle as those early days.

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  1. Good morning Miss M,
    Saw this thought of you.

    Loving the postings. I tune in daily first thing when I get up.
    Only 1 week and we will be celebrating. Yeah.....
    Have a lovely sunny saturday. sxx