Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Birthday To You !

It's Birthday Time at our house again.....
I found these pretty pink silicon rose cake molds on a shopping trip. I'm thinking of baking a buttercake and drizzling pale pink icing over the top of the petals.  
I must admit I have yet another fetish for baking supplies. I have so many cupcake cases in various colours and I love Vintage cake toppers.  The  "Happy Birthday" topper pictured below isn't vintage, but when I bought it a few years ago I was told that these old fashioned toppers were no longer being made. Of course I grabbed a couple to stash away in trademark pink and blue.
I am loving the bright, happy Cath Kidston tea towel. It is a pleasure to bake with pretty utensils and accessories. Makes the baking process all that more fun.....

Enjoy your day my special little person......I love you as big as the sky xo

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