Thursday, 9 June 2011

Girls Must Always Wear Ribbons.....

"Girls must always wear ribbons !,"
Something that I used to tell my daughter and still tell my little nieces today.
There is nothing prettier on a little princess than a sweet little hair ribbon or rose clasp. My daughter had quite the enviable collection of hair ribbons as a little one because I just can't help myself when I see a pretty display of ribbon. Piggot's Store was one of my very favourite ribbon shopping places and the colours were always just perfect.  I love to buy metres of ribbon and keep it in a pretty box so when it comes time for wrapping a gift I always have a pretty ribbon to trim the gift with.

The pretty bias binding shown in the above picture  is an assortment of their lovely range for clever people who love to create their own pretty things. Cushions, linens, towels etc can be given their own pretty look with a simple trim of this binding.

Find these ribbons and bias bindings at Pigott's Store

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